• Making Mandalas 

    A number of studies have shown that coloring inside a shape — specifically a pre-drawn geometric mandala design — is more effective in boosting mood than coloring on a blank paper or even coloring inside a square shape. And one 2012 study published in Journal of the American Art Therapy Association showed that coloring inside a mandala reduces anxiety to a greater degree compared to coloring in a plaid design or a plain sheet of paper. 

    At Dreher our two art teachers, Jennifer Gorlewski and Katie Pfrommer, already knew that!  Each year students in their classrooms make mandalas.  Pictured below are two ninth graders - Dominik Stewart and Emily Montague - working on this year's Art I mandala project.  

    Dominik  Emily


  • Even viewing art can be stress-reducing, so visit a gallery or museum, or just walk around Dreher and view the art on the walls! 

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