• Heartfelt appreciation from Savannah Le in the Special Education Department:

    A BIG thank you to everyone who supported the Dreher Polar Plunge. With your help, we raised $1,763 which is phenomenal as this was our first time participating! Dreher will receive half of that for next year's Special Olympics events. 
    Thank you to our amazing jumpers who braved the cold in efforts to help us reach our goal: 
    Ms. Requa, Ms. Isgett, Mr. Japha, Mr. Granrud, Mrs. Powell, Ms. Hill, Mrs. Hazlett, Ms. Wolfe, Mrs. Griffin, Mrs. Mesimer, Mrs. Eckstrom, Mr. Gibbons, Mr. Penney, Ms. Stephens, Dr. Eberlin, Mr. Kelley, Ms. Holcombe, Mr. Broughton, Dr. Lee, and Mr. Baxter. We also had some brave students jump! 
    Special thanks to Ms. Requa for being a great department chair and helping make this a success 🙂 Ms. Harrell and Ms. Walton for the crafting and collecting, Ms. Thunell for all the help with social media, Ms. Sharpe for the announcements, those who came to support the jumpers, and anyone I missed! 
    Dreher is a school that has embraced #ChoosetoINCLUDE and for that I am grateful. 

  • Photos from the day are in the gallery below: