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 Sander’s Middle Library Information

Phone: (803) 738-7575


Degrees and Certifications:


Sander’s Middle Library Information

Sander’s Middle Library Information

Ms. Schwallier, Librarian

Ms. Loyd, Library Assistant


  • The library is open 8:15 am - 4:15 pm daily.
  • The library will closed for testing or other events as needed.
  • Students must have their IDs and a pass to come to the library.
  • Copies are not made in the library. 
  • Late fines are not imposed; however students must pay to replace lost or damaged books.
  • Students may be sent to the library to use resources/check out books individually or in small groups with a pass.
  • Submit SchoolDude tickets for any computer hardware needs.


  • Teachers should submit damaged computers to the library with a completed repair ticket from 3pm-4pm daily.
  • Repair requests will be entered into SchoolDude by the library staff the following morning.
  • The librarian will contact the teacher via email when the repaired computers ready to be picked up.
  • If a student needs a loaner during the day, please email me to see if I am able to assist. Please send students during the first 10 – 15 minutes of class to pick up the loaners. If I or Ms. Loyd are unable to assist, Mr. Wallace will be able to assist.

Lessons and Collaboration

  • Plan collaborative lessons that can be taught in the library.
  • Please request materials or books one week in advance.
  • Lessons on Research, Plagiarism, Copyright, Book Talks, and more!
  • Lessons using SC Discus, Primary Sources and other trust worthy sites.


Literature and Reading

  • Curated book carts or lists around a particular theme, unit or topic.
  • Book suggestions/requests for purchase from students and faculty/staff.
  • Schedule book checkout through Bookings. All classes/subjects welcome.
  • Rotating displays and book suggestions.