• Logan Leopards welcome our volunteers!  


    Tips for volunteers and mentors:


                                                   TIPS FOR VOLUNTEERS


    • Talk to the teacher before the first session.
    • Gain the student's trust.
    • Be yourself.
    • Never make a promise that you can't follow through or practice.
    • Do not talk about the student's home life, unless the student initiates the conversation.
    • If the student has other problems, refer the student to the school's psychologists, guidance counselors, etc.
    • Be a careful listener.
    • Try not to interrupt the student when he/she is talking.
    • Call the school beforehand if you are going to miss a session.
    • You are a role model; dress and act appropriately.
    • Seek help or ask for a change if there is an unhappy situation.
    • Do not criticize the school.
    • Be patient.
    • Let the student make decisions about your work together.
    • Praise honest efforts made by the student.



    • Mentor
    • A mentor is a caring adult who is willing to be a good listener and non-judgmental friend to a student who can benefit from guidance and individual attention. A mentor is a companion, role model, advocate, motivator, resource, guide and helper. Mentors are required to give a minimum time commitment of one hour a week.
      More importantly, a mentor is NOT a parent, a social worker, psychiatrist, a judge or a Santa Claus.
  • All person interesting in volunteering will need to fill out a volunteer application before they can volunteer in the school.  The background check takes about 3-4 weeks, you will be notified by email and then we can schedule a meeting in the school for a short orientation session.  If you have any questions please feel free to call me at 343-2915.

    Shelia E. Washington, Volunteer Coordinator

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