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    Pick-up and Drop-off for Seniors on May 18 and 19


    On May 18th and 19th, we will be providing an opportunity for our seniors to pick up their graduation cap/gowns and yearbooks.  Any senior that was in a visual arts course may pick up their work products at this time as well.  This will also be an opportunity for seniors to return laptops with chargers, rented calculators, textbooks, and sports uniforms and/or equipment.  Students that need to keep their instructional materials until after AP exams or to complete unfinished assignments will be allowed to return their laptops, books, etc. at a later time prior to graduation on June 3rd.  Please note: Fine Arts and NJROTC uniforms, outfits, instruments, and equipment will be returned on a later date TBD.  Special stoles and honor cords will be provided prior to graduation – also TBD.


    For those individuals that would like to purchase a yearbook and did not prepay, there will be a drive-thru station accepting cash or money order payments of $80.00.  That payment station will also be taking up graduation material fees in the amount of $55.00 (cash or money order only) from any students that have not paid their senior dues.


    Attached you will find two documents: 1) a schematic map of the flow of traffic and order of the drive-thru stations and 2) a staggered appointment schedule for seniors.  Please adhere to the appointment schedule as closely as possible to avoid back-ups in traffic and increased wait times.  Individuals with poster board signs will be present to help direct traffic through the bus loop driveway and student parking lot.  We ask that you please write your senior’s name on a sheet of 8”x11.5” paper and place it on your front dash board so our team can begin pulling your materials as soon as you enter into the bus loop driveway.


    So, in short – things to pick-up: cap/gown/tassel, yearbook, artwork; things to return: laptops with chargers, rented calculators, textbooks, sports uniforms and/or equipment.  Also, if you haven’t paid senior dues, $55.00 must be paid for graduation material costs. If you didn’t pre-order a yearbook and would like to purchase one, cost is $80.00.  We can only accept cash or money orders for any payment.



  • 2020
    We will be holding a virtual Senior class meeting on Friday, May 15th at 2:00 PM via WebEx. On the agenda:
    *Procedures for Senior pick-up of graduation materials/yearbooks and return of instructional materials on May 18th & May 19th (announcement going out on Tuesday, May 12th)
    *Overview (not specifics) and discussion about our graduation ceremony scheduled for June 3rd, 8:00 AM, at Memorial Stadium.
    *General updates for Seniors from your advisors and administrators
    *All staff members that teach Seniors are invited as are the parents of seniors that would like to sit in on the meeting.
    *A final reminder - all assignments must be completed and submitted by Friday, May 15th, so that we can determine who will be eligible to receive a diploma and graduate.
    As of May 4, 2020:
    When can we return laptops and textbooks and get caps and gowns and yearbooks?
    ​The dates for pick-up/drop-off for seniors are May 18 and 19.  A schedule is to come.  At the appointed time, seniors will be able to return textbooks, calculators, library materials, laptops, and power cords.  At that time caps and gowns, tassels, and yearbooks will be distributed. A payment station will be available.
    How can we order caps and gowns?
    The vast majority of students submitted measurements for caps and gowns. Dr. Washington made contact with few who did not provide sizing information.  All graduating students will receive a cap, tassel, gown, and diploma cover.
    I missed the payment deadline.  Can I pay now?
    If you missed payment deadlines you can still pay.  We will have a payment station available on May 18-19  If you are financially able to pay, please do so on that day.  The cost of covering cap, tassel, gown, and diploma cover is $55, cash or money order only.
    What about yearbooks?
    Yearbooks that have been pre-purchased will be distributed on senior pick-up/drop off day
    What about graduation announcements? 
    ​Senior advisosr Andrew Clark will be contacting Balfour about this. The announcements were available for students to purchase in the fall and we approved the text in February. They ship straight to the students. Obviously the graduation date on those is incorrect.
    Will seniors receive award certificates?
    Yes, they may be given out when students pick up their diplomas.  Mrs. Powell, who is editing the senior slide show, also will be attempting to recognize award winners in the presentation.   
  • April 24, 2020 Memo from Mr. Kirkley to Seniors:

    Congratulations on reaching the end of your senior year!  We are proud of your accomplishments!  In order to prepare for graduation and your next steps, the counseling office needs to you complete several processes: 

    1. ALL seniors must complete the Senior Plans form located at this address:  https://tinyurl.com/dreherseniors2020.  This allows the counseling office to know what your plans are for next year.  This form is required in order for you to receive your diploma. Please respond by May 15.
    2. If you need your final transcript sent to a college or university, you must place an order at www.parchment.com. Be sure to request your final transcript.  Your acceptance to college cannot be finalized until your college receives your final transcript.  Transcript requests will be processed once grades are verified and transcripts finalized in mid-June.
    3. Please report any scholarship offers you have received from any college, university, or organization, regardless of whether you plan to attend that college or accept the scholarship. Use the following website to report all scholarship offers:  https://tinyurl.com/dreherscholarships2020. Please respond by May 15.


    If you have questions about any of these processes, please email your counselor.

    Dominique Padgett (10th -12th Grades, Last Names A-Gl) – dominique.padgett@richlandone.org 

    Jean Smith (10th – 12th Grades, Last Names Go-Mi) – jean.smith@richlandone.org

    O’Shawn McClendon (10th – 12th Grades, Last Names Mo-Z) – oshawn.mcclendon@richlandone.org

    Kevin Kirkley (10th – 12th Grades, AP Capstone Students) – kevin.kirkley@richlandone.org



  • Seniors:  Dreher Faculty and Staff are putting together a Senior Slide Show to celebrate you!

         *Help us by telling us your plans after High School.  College?  Military?  Employment?  Click here to let us know.

         *We would also love to include appropriate pictures of you alone or you with your friends.  Email them to dhsyearbook@richlandone.org with “Your Name SS” in the title line.   Be sure to identify who is in the picture (remember, we haven’t seen you in a while!)

     Please respond by May 1

    We want to include everyone!