Distinguish Gentlemen

  • C.A. Johnson’s Male Mentoring Group is “Distinguish Gentlemen."  

    Distinguish Gentlemen is a program designed to offer enriching experiences for young men to expand his network with like achievers and to further develop skills through a variety of civic, educational, and cultural activities. The program consist of students from 9th grade to 12th grade.  Students were selected by administration or recommended by their teacher to participate in the program.  The program believes that young black men are valuable to the community and need the necessary resources to help enhance their chances of success.  The program’s overall mission is to provide students the necessary skills needed to make positive decisions, enhance their decisions making skills, increase their chances of graduating and to be productive citizens in their community.  Students will serve as mentors for the middle and elementary schools and participate in various conference sessions, to include:

    • What is Your Why?
    • Character Development
    • Leadership 4.0
    • College & Career Readiness
    • Motivation to Finish
    • Brother's Keeper Leadership Summit