• Parents/Guardians


    Richland One Student Transportation Services will roll out Traversa Ride 360, a secure mobile app provided by the South Carolina Department of Education. The official launch date will be Monday, January 22. 



    Traversa Ride 360 is a secure app that will allow a parent or guardian to have instant access to their child’s school bus transportation information through a real-time GPS tracker. It provides easy set-up and secure registration. Parents and guardians will access the free app by searching for “Traversa Ride 360” in the App Store (Apple iOS) or Google Play for Android. You can also sign up for Traversa using their website. 

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    Through the app, parents will be sent an alert of the estimated time of arrival (ETA) of their child’s bus. Also, the district can send important and timely push notifications through the app, such as notifying parents of a late bus or use of a substitute bus. Parents must stay logged in to the app to receive push notifications from Student Transportation Services in real time. We hope this added safety benefit will provide better communication and customer service for our parents and students regarding their bus service. This service will only be available for the state school buses/routes. Unfortunately, our Richland One district programs/buses will not have this service available. Click here for a list of these buses.



    You will need your student’s STUDENT ID. Please call the attendance office if you need assistance. 803-738-7250