• Dr. Tanika James-Pinckney, School Counselor

    Office:  803-735-3421


    Individual Counseling is an important component of the comprehensive developmental guidance program at Hyatt Park Elementary. Individual counseling is short-term counseling that is available to ALL students who are experiencing negative feelings such as worry, sadness, fear, disappointment, anger, loneliness, or frustration. If you just need a listening ear, I'm here for that too!


    Upon request or referral, Dr. James-Pinckney will meet with individual students to provide strategies to help improve their social skills, discuss feelings, and provide them with the skills necessary for problem solving.  All students are aware that discussions are confidential unless someone is hurting them, they want to hurt someone, they want to hurt yourself, or they give me permission to share with another trusting adult.   Please click the link below if you or your child would like to schedule an appointment with Ms. James-Pinckney.