• Our Mission

      The Caughman Road community is a diverse, student-centered environment dedicated to the promotion of safety, high achievement, creativity, and teamwork in learning. We encourage all children to become responsible citizens and to develop their individual strengths.

      Caughman Road will be a school where caring, knowledgeable adults teach all children to love learning, to become honorable and responsible citizens, and to respect others. It will be a place where both teachers and students are positive contributors to the local and global communities-- where teachers, parents, and children all have a voice and a choice in their educational environment and curriculum. Together with our community stakeholders we will create a Vision, Legacy and Voice for all students.

      “All children do not learn the same. Together, we will honor each student’s academic and social needs. Together we will work to find each child’s gateway of personal merit.” – Maria Montessori

      We are a School within a school model of both Traditional and Montessori Educational Approaches


      Our Vision

      Richland School District One, in collaboration with an engaged community, is committed to ensuring that each learner achieves his/her potential in a safe, caring, academically challenging and diverse learning environment that will develop productive citizens for a changing world.