• School Counseling Program


    Forest Heights Elementary School



    My name is Mrs. Ruff and I am the School Counselor at FHES. I have been a counselor for 15 years and in Education for 28 years.  I love my career and I always look forward to putting smiles on all faces.

    My contact information is lavette.ruff@richlandone.org and 803-691-3780 EXT. 21320

    As the counselor, I work to:

    • Help with Learning to Live (Social/Emotional Development)
    • Help with Learning to Learn (Academics)
    • Help with Learning to Work (Careers)

    As Counselor, I also


    • Provide LIFESKILL lessons.
    • Work with students individually and in small groups
    • Work with, Administrators, Teachers and other School Specialist.
    • Meet with parents.
    • Coordinate Programs.
    • Help Parents and students make use of Community Agencies.


    “A Team that reads together succeeds Together!”