•  On November 11 each year we are reminded of the sacrifices made by America's veterans.  Thank you to the veterans on the staff and faculty of Dreher High School for keeping us safe.


      Commander Dunn A. H. Dunn, Senior Naval Science Instructor

    Commander Dunn, reports, "I am a thirty year veteran of the U, and I retired September 1 2019.  I served from Desert Storm and Shield, Operation National Resolution, Operation Iraqi Sovereignty, through Operation New Dawn.  I am a qualified Navy parachutist and diver.  I have served everywhere from ships to the Secretary of Defense's staff where I managed an $9.2 billion a year portfolio in Foreign Military Sales to Japan, Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia and Indonesia.  I qualified as a US Navy Logistics operational officer, Foreign Affairs Officer, Navy Parachutist, Navy Diver and other combat qualifications." 

        Mr. Gibbons

     Samuel Gibbons, Social Studies Teacher. 

    Mr. Gibbons was a sergeant in the US Marine Corps and served from 2009-2015.


            Chief Harris

      James Harris, NJROTC Instructor.

    Chief Petty Officer Harris served in the US Navy from 1993 to 2013.



      Gerlad Hughes

     Gerald Hughes, School Counselor

    Mr. Hughes is a First Lieutenant in the Army, having joined the service in 2015.  Lieutenant Hughes joined Dreher in November 2021 following a deployment.  



      Daryl Jarvis


     Daryl Jarvis, Athletic Director

    Coach Jarvis is a veteran of US Army Reserves E-6 (SSG), member of 414th Chemical Company with Military Operation Specialty (MOS) of 92A.  He served in Operation Iraqi Freedom.


           Treigh Sullivan

    Ammon "Treigh" Sullivan, PE Teacher and Head Football Coach. 

    Coach Sullivan was a sergeant in the US Army and served from 1995-2003.