• Micro-Credentiling



    What are micro-credentials?

    • Micro-credentials are tools to identify skills acquisition in specific areas.
    • Each NUNM micro-credential has been approved by the university as an appropriate representation of the skill listed.
    • A micro-credential signifies knowledge that can be useful for careers, interests or hobbies.


    Why would I want a micro-credential?

    • Because micro-credentials focus on specific skills they allow individuals to pick the skills they want to acquire and share that skill acquisition with others through badges.
    • Micro-credentials are competency based and show the details of the skills acquired.
    • Many of our micro-credential offerings are an opportunity to learn by actively practicing the skills through hands-on activities.
    • Because micro-credentials are skill focused, they are offered for both formal and informal learning that meets NUNM’s criteria for rigor and alignment with our vision and mission.
    • Micro-credentials can be bundled or stacked to show mastery of a set of skills or a variety of skills.


    What is a badge?

    • A badge is the digital symbol of skill, credential or training achievement. It is a digital representation of your micro-credential.
    • Badges have an assertion link to verify their authenticity and provide detail/evidence on the training or skills provided to earn the badge.
    • They are easily portable to social media if they are open badge 2.0 compliant.
    • They are stackable to add to already acquired skills or levels of competency.


    How does NUNM decide when to offer a micro-credential?

    • The department or institute lead applies for the ability to issue micro-credentials if they are providing training that meets the mission of NUNM, and has the academic rigor to meet our standards.
    • A micro-credential can be available for 12 hours of training on a specific topic/skill set.
    • Stacking works with a 12-hour metric.


    If my business wants micro-credentialed training specific to our needs, is there a way to request skill building for employees?.