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    Important Reminders regarding medication at school




    The school does NOT stock any medications; therefore, you must bring in any medication that is necessary for your child.

    All medications require a permission form to be completed prior to the medication given at school. The medication form is on the district website and the Greenview website.

    Prescription medications require the signature of the healthcare provider AND the parent/guardian BEFORE it can be given at school. Prescribed medications should be in the properly labeled container from the pharmacy, including the name of the student, name of the drug and the time to be given.

    Over the counter medications such as Tylenol/Advil require the signature of the parent/guardian. These medications MUST be in the original container and the permission forms completed to coincide with the label instructions and age recommendations.

    Initial doses of a medication that a child has never taken before should NOT be given on a    school day.

    An adult should deliver the medicine and permission form to the school. The medicine must be in the original container with the manufacturer’s label intact.

    Students cannot transport medication home at the end of the day. If the student needs the medication after school hours, a responsible adult MUST pick up the medication.

    Please do not send medication in your child’s pocket, lunch box or plastic bags to be given/taken.

    Prescriptions must be renewed at the beginning of each school year.

    Schools may decline to administer certain medications if deemed inappropriate for a school setting.

    Medications that make students drowsy and unable to participate in educational activities may not be appropriate for school administration.



    Many children will receive a hearing, vision, dental and height/weight screening during the school year. If the results show that your student needs additional screening, you will receive a referral form from the school nurse. If you DO NOT wish for the screenings to be done, please contact the school nurse the first two weeks of school. Screenings start early! If you think that your student is having difficulty in one of these areas and would like for them to be screened, please make me aware. I will be happy to screen/rescreen any and all students.



    Please remember to keep your contact information current. When a student becomes ill or injured, the school will notify you or the alternate contact person to come and pick up the student. It is VERY important that we have the name and phone number of someone (who has agreed) that we can reach during school hours if an emergency occurs. These phone numbers MUST be kept up to date as well. If your child has any changes in health status (injuries and/or surgeries included) during the school year, please notify the nurse.

    The health room is a stepping stone to getting your student back to class or home when they are sick or injured. Richland County School District One students adhere to the DHEC School Exclusion list. Copies of the DHEC Exclusion list can be found on the DHEC website. The Greenview website has a direct link to the DHEC website.

    Student concerns are triaged upon arrival to the health room with the goal of the student returning to class as quickly as possible to continue his/her educational activities.

    It is my pleasure to care for your children and help ensure they have a happy and healthy school year. Please feel free to contact me if I can be of any assistance to you or your student.




    Anna Spivey, BSN, RN

    School Nurse

    Richland County School District One

    726 Easter Street

    Columbia, SC 29203

    Health Room Phone (803)691-4921

    Email lianna.spivey@richlandone.org