• Nicole MEsimer


    Spanish teacher Nicole Mesimer is Dreher's "Teacher of the Year."  

    When you read what her fellow teachers proclaimed in nominating her for this honor, you can appreciate the choice of Ms. Mesimer as our representative:

    "Nicole goes above and beyond for not only her students, but for other teachers' students as well. With a vacancy in the foreign language department, she has stepped up to make sure that all of the students are still receiving instruction. She goes out of her way to attend school functions to support her students and the Dreher community as a whole. She took initiative to schedule a trip to Spain for students last year for an incredible enrichment opportunity (and she somehow kept her sanity amidst the chaos). She always keeps a positive attitude and brightens my day every time I see her."

    "Nicole has been paramount in making me feel welcome during my first year at Dreher. I have always felt comfortable with going to her with my concerns, doubts, and questions as I get acclimated to a new school culture."

    "She is super engaging with her classes and one of the most hardworking people you will ever meet."

    "Ms. Mesimer is an amazing teacher!" 

    We all agree!