• A message from Mr. Seal, our Yearbook Coordinator:




    ·         Cohort 1 portraits on February 22nd (see the attached Cohort 1 schedule) (attachment with names sent via email on 2/3/2021)

    ·         Cohort 2 portraits on February 25th (see the attached Cohort 2 schedule)  (attachment with names sent via email on 2/3/2021)

    ·         Virtual/eLearning students sign up for an afternoon appointment on either date using the following link: https://legacystudios.com/dreher-hs/

    ·         *if your name does not appear on either schedule, please sign up for an appointment using the link above*  


    Senior Make-Up Portraits

    ·         Make-Up senior portraits in the morning on March 2nd (Sign up for a morning appointment using the link below) https://seniors.legacystudios.com/dreher-high-school-columbia-sc/

    ·         Gentlemen should arrive wearing a plain white dress shirt with a plain collar (no buttons on the collar). Jackets and ties will be provided (tuxedo jackets size 38 through 56 will be provided; Please make alternative arrangements if another size is required). Avoid wearing green due to the use of a green-screen.

    ·         Ladies should arrive wearing a thin strapped tank-top shirt that can be worn under the provided drape for their portrait sitting. Avoid wearing green due to the use of a green-screen.

    ·         *This will be the second make-up opportunity offered, and it will be the last chance to have your senior portrait taken*


    Underclassman Make-Up Portraits

    ·         Make-up underclassman portraits in the afternoon on March 2nd (Appointment sign-up information will be provided in a separate announcement closer to the date of the portrait session)

    ·         *There will be very limited availability for make-up portraits on this day, so make sure you have your portrait taken on Feb 22nd or 25th to ensure that you are able to have a school portrait taken*


    All portraits on each of these dates will be taken in the school’s auditorium.


    Thank you,

    Matt Seal