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    The mission of Lower Richland High School’s STEM(STEAM) program is to prepare every student with 21st century skills through rigorous academic instruction,  classroom engagement, and real-world application that is interactive and stimulates student curiosity through discovery, critical thinking and allows cooperation and collaboration in problem solving. This will lead to college and career readiness in the cutting-edge industry of Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics professions. 



    The vision of Lower Richland High School’s STEM (STEAM) program is to create an environment conducive to learning that provides opportunities that will stimulate, motivate and encourage our students to become lifelong learners and prepare them to compete in the ever changing and cutting edge in STEM and contribute their knowledge to their communities in order to improve and help it grow so their communities can compete socially and economically in a global society. 



     Arts based



    Lower Richland High School became an Arts Based Curriculum site in 2014. The Arts In Basic Curriculum (ABC) Project is a statewide initiative that begun in 1987 and is cooperatively directed by the South Carolina Arts Commission, the South Carolina Department of Education, and the College of Visual and Performing Arts at Winthrop University.  



    The Arts in Basic Curriculum Project provides leadership[ to achieve quality, comprehensive arts education (which includes creative writing, dance, design, media arts, music, theatre, and visual arts) for all students in South Carolina.  

    We Believe 

    All students deserve equal access to quality, comprehensive, standards-based arts education, which is essential to the educational promise and social well-being of South Carolina’s children. Based on research, and in alignment with the Profile of the South Carolina Graduate, we believe that education in the arts provide students with:  

    World-Class Knowledge 

    • The arts teach a diverse and transferable set of learning skills.
    • The arts enable learners to be creative in their approach to problem solving and to visualize concepts in new ways.   
    • Rigorous, comprehensive, and sequential arts programs based on the 2017 South Carolina Visual and Performing Arts Standards        provide a foundation for college and career opportunities.  

    World-Class Skills 

    •  The 2017 South Carolina College-and-Career-Ready Standards for Visual and Performing Arts Proficiency set achievable,        measurable goals to build knowledge and skills necessary to prepare learners for the future workplace.  
    • Artistic processes develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills as learners create, refine, and reflect on their work and the  works of others. 
    • Through the collaborative arts experiences learners acquire skills necessary to communicate effectively as part of a team. Life and      Career Characteristics  
    • Learning in the arts through history and culture broadens global perspectives. 
    • Rigorous quality arts experiences require learners to persevere through experimentation, repetition, and mastery of their arts            discipline.  The arts require learners to be disciplined, dedicated, and demonstrate a strong worth ethic. 


    For information contact:

    Dale Jacobs, STEM Coordinator



    Oliver Williams, STEAM Coordinator