• Federal Impact Aid Survey - October 30-November 11, 2020


    Download a Letter to Parents with instructions for completion of the survey and examples of "Impact Aid Properties" in our District:  Federal Impact Aid Cover Letter.  


    There is an online form that parents may use to respond:  Federal Impact Aid Survey.


    Parents are asked to complete and submit the Federal Impact Aid Survey no earlier than October 30, 2020, but no later than November 11, 2020.  


    Why complete the survey?

    The Impact Aid survey is very important because it allows our school district to obtain financial assistance based on the number of students who are federally connected in one of the following areas:

    1. The student resides on federal property, Indian land, or in low-rent housing.

    2. The student’s parent or guardian works for the federal government, or works on federal property. 

    3. The student’s parent or guardian is serving in the military.



    How to complete the survey?

    Link to the online: Federal Impact Aid Survey

    It is important that you complete one survey form for each student within your family. The more students we can count, the higher the percentage of funding our district will receive.

    • Student Information- Every parent/guardian should complete this section. If you live on federal property or in low-rent housing, enter the name of the property.

    • Civilian Employment Information- If you work for the federal government or work on federal property, also complete this section.

    • Uniformed Services- If parent/guardian is on active duty, also complete this section.

    • Foreign Military- If parent/guardian is both an accredited foreign government official and a foreign military officer, complete this section.