• Parent and Family Engagement Program

    • Family, school, and community engagement in education is a critical component in promoting college and career readiness so that students can successfully compete in today’s global society.  School districts throughout the country are beginning to recognize that parent and family engagement should be an integral part of school reform.

      Richland One has implemented a “Cluster Support Model” for parent and family engagement designed to ensure that school, parent, and community partnerships are integrated and aligned with each school’s mission and are an integral part of school reform.  The Cluster Support Model is based on Joyce Epstein’s Framework of Six Types of Involvement which are:  Parenting, Communication, Volunteering, Learning at Home, Decision Making, and Collaborating with the Community. The goals of the Cluster Support Model are:

      • To create a comprehensive, systemic, inclusive, informed support network for parents, families, community partners and other stakeholders to promote parent and family engagement in schools and increase student achievement.

      • To implement an evidenced based model within the schools designed to build parent/family/community capacity to impact student achievement and promote academic success and positive future outcomes via the National Network of Partnership Schools Model.

      • Ensure that schools are welcoming to all parents and families.

      • Provide specialized assistance to families of students who are not demonstrating grade level proficiency.

      • Build the capacity of parents and families to ensure that they take on more leadership roles in the various organizations of the schools.

      Each cluster has been assigned a team of Parent and Family Engagement Specialists. Their work will be guided by the National Network of Partnerships Schools Model