• The Evening High School Program


    Greetings To All

    The Richland One Evening High School is a program designed to meet the needs of high schools' students seeking an alternative pathway to graduation. We have a team of dedicated staff who specialize in teaching the “whole child” which means we prioritize our program focus to developing student learning beyond the classroom. Our motto, we believe in second chances, creates a learning platform that addresses our student’s cognitive ability, social emotional learning competencies, resiliency, aspirations, and life goals. We believe this is best done when we create an environment of comprehensive services that includes all stakeholders aiming at the same target.

    I am extremely optimistic about the future of our students who come to the EHS program with laser like focus to do all that it takes to finish high school and to become a part and potential leader of their community, city, state, country or even the world. There are no restrictions to success. All we ask is that our students come to school every day on time, attend all classes that they are scheduled for, dress appropriately (no sagging, no tight-fitting clothing, athletic shoes/dress shoes, tee shirts without profanity/drugs/alcohol written or symbol on them). Most important, pass all courses.

    Finally, I am proud of the extension of services provided by our special services team made up of school counselors, social workers, and instructional support led by the Richland One Intervention Services Department. We offer a robust social emotional learning curriculum to students, parents, and staff to address emotional needs during these unprecedented times. We raise our families through our village.

    I look forward to meeting you and talking more about how we can partner together to assist you.


    Nathan White, Evening High Principal


    621 Bluff Road, Suite C60  
    Columbia, SC 29201 
    Phone: 803-738-7574
    Fax 803-738-7589
    Cell 803-447-7503