• Grading Practices for High Schools Due to COVID-19 School Closures (memo on April 24, 2020 from Richland School District One)

    The statewide closure of schools due to COVID-19 has led to unprecedented challenges for students, parents, and educators. Our goal as a district has been to support continued learning of our students while taking into consideration the added stress and anxiety that learning and working at home have presented for our students, families, teachers, and staff.

    We fully recognize the value of direct, face-to-face interaction between teachers and students; without it, many students will struggle to master skills and concepts. We also understand that students have varying levels of support at home. In some instances, parents are working remotely themselves while they are trying to support learning of multiple children at various grade levels at home. In other instances, parents may be on the front lines as health care providers or staff in essential businesses, without the benefit of their regular childcare support. Even in the most perfect situations where parents have flexibility and students have access to support, the current situation has understandably added stress.

    Our “ask” has been and continues to be that parents do their best to ensure students complete assignments, but we understand that not all work may be completed perfectly by the due date. Our teachers will provide feedback to students and may ask them to redo work to support their learning. Rest assured that as long as students are attempting to complete assignments, credit will be given for participation.

    In consideration of the many stresses upon students, families, and teachers, the following grading practices will be followed for Quarters 3 and 4 during the 2019-2020 school year:


    Grades 6-12

    • Based on direction provided by State Department of Education (SCDE), students in grades 6-12 will not receive a standalone grade for the 4th quarter; instead, students will receive a second semester grade only.
    • The Semester 2 grade will be based on grades earned for work assigned for completion or completed during 3rd quarter when students had access to face-to-face instruction, as well as a minimum of one participation grade for 4th Participation will be determined by: completion of work (packets or digital), phone calls, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, etc. Participation grades will correspond to a numeric grade based on the following four categories: Meets Expectations (100), Approaches Expectations (85), Does Not Meet Expectations (70), and Not Submitted (50).
    • No final exams will be administered in any class.
    • Important Note: Seniors must submit all assignments no later than May 15.


    AP, IB, Dual Credit and Quarter Classes

    • Students who are taking AP, IB, and Dual Credit courses will be graded using traditional grading methods since these courses carry potential college credit. Students should talk with their teacher regarding specifics around grading and expectations for these classes during the closure. 
    • Teachers will work with students to make accommodations for individuals that might need additional support due to limited access. 
    SC Department of Education - Specific Information on COVID-19
    Food Sites, WiFi Hot Spots, Free Internet and other resources: linked here.
    Richland School District One  - FAQs Specific to COVIS-19
    School Closures, Graduation, Meals, eLearning, Grading, End of Year Testing: linked here.
    Message from our Principal (April 19, 2020)

    "Good evening parents,

    This is Kevin Hasinger, principal of Dreher High School, calling to welcome our students back to the eLearning process from what I hope was a peaceful and blessed Spring Break.  As our students continue with eLearning through at least April 30th, our teachers will continue to post assignments with a focus on consideration for length, complexity, and flexibility. We genuinely do not want our students "stressed" at this time.  


    As a reminder, the state has determined that all grades from both the 3rd and 4th Quarters will be averaged into one Semester Two average.  So the work being completed by students at this time has the potential to improve their average going forward.


    A huge question on a lot of our minds is "will we return in May"?  Perhaps we'll get that answer from our governor over the next several days.  However, if we do not return - rest assured that we will design means of taking up necessary materials such as textbooks and laptops (with safety in mind), completing grades in a fair manner focused on "grace", distributing caps and gowns, etc. in an effort to ensure as much organization to end the year as possible for your child.  


    If you have questions, comments, or concerns, don't hesitate to reach out to me via email.  I promise a prompt response.  Have a good evening."

    News from Debra Kinder
    Dreher Community Liaison
    The Foundation has canceled the annual Bar-B-Que fundraiser scheduled for Friday, March 27.  If it becomes possible we reschedule prior to the end of the year.
    The meetings of parent and community groups - School Improvement Council, PTO, and Foundation - will be rescheduled once we return to school.  Members will be notified by email.
    The prom has been rescheduled to Saturday, May 2, at Seawell's from 7:30-11:30 PM.  Please direct questions regarding the prom to Debra Kinder at debra.kinder@richlandone.org.
    Please feel free to contact Mrs. Kinder by email or by phone (803-917-1147) with any questions and concerns.  
    Internt Access Options for Those Currently without Service
    The District is stationing wi-fi connected buses at several sites.  For details, click here.
    For families with limited access to high-speed internet or broadband services, Richland Library's WiFi will remain on and does extend to areas outside of 12 of the 13 library locations with the exception of Richland Library Sandhills.
    If you need assistance with accessing the internet please contact Rachel Arroyo, our Social Worker.  She has a  list of resources if needed. She can be reached via email (rachel.arroyo@richlandone.org)or by District Cell Phone (803-608-2947)
    B-Linda Rogers, Parent and Family Engagement Specialist:
    Should any Dreher parents want to reach out to me while we are out of school, please feel free.
    B-Linda Rogers, Parent and Family Engagement Specialist
    District Cell:  803.908.9565
    Meal Distribution:
    Five "to-go" meals will be provided every Monday at selected sites around the District.  For details and the order form, click here.
    Emails for Dreher Faculty and Staff 

    Students and parents, you may have need to contact teachers using email during this time away from school. Please note that you can find the proper email address of faculty and staff using the searchable database on our website.