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    Accessing eBooks - Alcorn Middle School Collection

    Students can access Alcorn’s Online Catalog with their Destiny Discover account by entering their username and password.  Right Click here: https://search.follettsoftware.com/metasearch/ui/11376
    *School: Alcorn Middle School – You have to log-in to access eBooks.
    *Login in using your Student ID number (either 4–8 digits)
    * Use your six digit birthdate as your password (ex. March 28, 2010 – would be 032810)

    Scroll down to eBooks
    Click “See All”
    Select the title
    Click “Log in”
    Select “Log in using your account” & make a collection to check-out.
    Click “Checkout” & Click “Open” to read book.

    *Teachers, you can login in with your first name.last name and employee ID number.

    Richland Public Library

    Right click here to open: http://www.richlandlibrary.com
    All students with a public library can have access to their eBooks and audiobooks through OneDrive and Hoopla Digital.  Student library cards should be their complete student ID numbers. 
    Passwords are usually the last 4 digits of a phone number. If the student does not remember their library card or password, they can contact the Richland Library by calling 799-9084.

    Right click here to open: https://www.scdiscus.org
    South Carolina’s Virtual Library is managed and administered by the SC State Library. A username and password is required. Please email your Library Media Specialist, burlean.moses@richlandone.org or check with a classroom teacher for username and password.