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    eLearning should resume again Monday, April 20th and will continue following the Richland One Academic Calendar for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year.  


    e-Learning will continue while schools are closed.  Please notice our e-Learning tab is now present on the Olympia Learning Center page.  Teachers will be available to support eLearning via email during their office hours 9:30-11 and 1-3 PM Monday  - Friday, or during regularly scheduled Zoom Office Hours beginning Monday, April 20th and by appointment.  




    New:  Thursday, May 21  - 

    Parents and Students:
    You will have an Opportunity to drop off any completed work to your teachers on Thursday, May 21st. The drop off time will be from 9:00am- 1:00pm. There will be a Bin placed in front of the school at the fountain for you to place your completed work in. 
    The completed work will be sorted and given to your teachers for grading.


    To support our students we offer the following Zoom Office Hours to our students to be used if they need any assistance:

     Zoom Office Hours


    Zoom Office Hours


    Contact: nathan.white@richlandone.org with questions



    The District's Emergency eLearning Plan has been approved by the South Carolina Department of Education. The eLearning plan will allow students to do assignments virtually from home while schools are closed.  This means you can continue learning despite the loss of in-person instructional time.


    Every teacher for every course at Olympia Learning Center has developed digital lessons, activities, and/or assessments that will be accessible to you online during this time. 


    Students, you should already know your school email addresses, passwords, and how to independently access any digital programs/resources (examples: ALEKS, USA Test Prep, etc.) that may be used during eLearning Days.  There is a resource in the left column which might help you with home access to email, DISCUS and the Destiny catalog.  Contact your teachers via email (https://www.richlandone.org/domain/661) if you need assistance with your credentials and assignments.  


    Any student who is currently enrolled in an Edgenuity course and can access the internet via their phone or device is asked to continue their course of study. As a reminder, E2020 logins are typically your student number @r1student.org or your student number@r1student.orgCA


    Each teacher will be holding remote Office Hours daily via email from 9:30-11 AM and again from 1-3 PM Monday-Friday during which they will be answering emails, assigned Zoom office hours for teachers (optional for students) are listed above and are also available by request.  


    The Information Technology (IT) Department will provide technical support to all staff, students, and parents of Richland School District 1 on eLearning Days. The IT Support Team can be reached by calling 803-231-7436. This number will be active Monday through Friday from the hours of 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. For additional information regarding who parents should call regarding logins, passwords, and programs/specific software contact your child's teacher.