Troubleshooting Mobile Access

  • When accessing eLearning from your mobile phone, please note:

    1.  You must touch the arrow next to eLearning to access all grade levels and programs.  Otherwise, you will only see PreK's page.

    2.  Once you are on your child's grade level page, touch either the subject (ie ELA) or the arrow next to it to open up the lesson links.

    3.  Inside each link are PDFs for lessons, student work, and parent resources.


    Al acceder al eApredizaje (eLearning) desde su teléfono movil, tenga en cuenta:

    1. Debe tocar la flecha que se encuentra junto al eAprendizaje (eLearning) para poder acceder a todos los grados y programas. Sino lo hace solo podra ver la página de Pre-Kinder.
    2. Una vez que esté en la página de el grado de su hijo(a), toque la material ( puede ser ELA) o la flecha que se encuentra al lado para abrir todos los otros enlaces de la lección respectiva.
    3. Dentro de cada enlace hay archivos de formato PDF para las lecciones, trabajo de estudiantes y recursos para los padres.
  • Dear COMETS,

    We wanted to inform you that although each of our lives have been impacted due to the Coronavirus epidemic your School Counselors will remain available to address counseling related concerns during this period of school closure.

    The best way to communicate with your School Counselor at this time is via email.  School Counselor information is as follows:

    Carolyn Duncan (Grades PreK/ Kindergarten, 1st, 3rd & Primary Montessori)

    Royvyetta Nesbitt (Grades 2nd, 4th, 5th & Lower/Upper Montessori)

    Your School Counselors realize that some of you may have questions and may be feeling a little uneasy as to what is happening or what the future holds.  We are believing that we will get through this and be back at school soon.  In the meantime, here are a few suggestions you can do.

    • Stay Healthy by practicing good hygiene. Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze and wash your hands with soap and water.
    • Work off some energy by exercising. If it is pretty and warm outside, go out and play, ride your bikes, play ball, anything to get some exercise.
    • Write a letter, or draw a picture for someone. Great time to practice your art skills.
    • Play a board game or cards with your family. Have family time as much as possible.
    • Breathe in some fresh air and take some deep breaths.
    • Develop a daily routine to complete assignments. Remember to stay organized.
    • Help around the house, do your chores. Remember how we talked about helping out without being asked? Parents love that!
    • Be kind to each other! Kindness counts!!
    • Talk to your parents/guardians if you are worried about anything.
    • Lastly, don’t worry too much and just be a kid. Play, laugh, and be happy!

     Find information about talking to your kids about coronavirus here!