• Queener

    E-Learning Plan

    8th Grade English Language Arts

    Microsoft Teams will be used to deliver instruction, assignments, as well as, other relevant information related to English Language Arts.  If students are using a laptop, they can access Microsoft Teams through their school email.  Students will log into their email by using their username and password to log into their school issued computers.  Email: username@R1student.org and then their password. Students can also access Microsoft Teams on their cell phones.  They will need to download the app.  See the following image:

    They will then log into Microsoft Teams using the aforementioned information.  Additionally, students will be directed to log into Clever to access Newsela, Mastery Connect, USA Test Prep and Edgenuity.  Clever login, username: student id number, password: 1/1/1900 (birthdate with slashes).

    All resources, including videos, PowerPoints, texts, reading material, etc. will be uploaded to Microsoft Teams.  Unless otherwise directed, students will be expected to log into Microsoft Teams each day and complete the assignments for each day.  Reading materials and other relevant texts will come from Collections online textbook, Collections workbook, Performance Assessment Workbook, as well as, Newsela, Common Lit, and Edgenuity.

    As opposed to providing feedback in a one-to-one situation, students will receive via email correspondence.  Additionally, quizzes will be given each Thursday, and we will continue to follow the Quarter 3 Planning Guide for ELA as closely as possible and we will follow the grading scale established at the beginning of the school year.  See the following:


    Tests/Projects/Final Essays---30%