• eLearning Updates

    Greetings ROMC Family,

    We hope that you are staying safe in this time of uncertainty.  In order to make sure that there are no breaks in your education, we have put together some information for you to be able to continue to complete your work.  Please read below. 


    All teachers will use Edmodo to assign work.  Work will be available by midnight daily.  Your assignments will be available on March 17, 2020.

    • Edmodo Codes by Teacher
      • Burgess-Lindsey
        • 1st Block: n2g7fn
        • 3rd Block: j8i38f
        • 4th Block: qtmqxk
      • Dooley
        • Anatomy: hifbky
        • Biology II: j22wte
      • Machuga
        • S. Gov/Econ (H):  9xicaa 
      • S. Gov/Econ (CP): a8iedx
        • S. History & Con:    s6732e
      • Tchomgo
        • Pre-Calculus: a28hyk
        • Prob & Stats: f5r5ph
      • Thomas
        • 1st Block: yycdjd
      • Tyler
        • 2nd Block: ewniz9
      • Williams (Bonaparte)
        • 3rd Block: prfusm

    Edmodo Instructions for Students

    • Visit edmodo.com using your smartphone or computer.

    • Click or tap "Get Started as a Student."

    • Follow the instructions on your screen. Use your class code.

    Edmodo Instructions for Parents

    • Visit edmodo.com using your smartphone or computer.

    • Click or tap "Get Started as a Parent."

    • Follow the instructions to create an account.

    • When prompted, enter your child's class code.


    Class Information

    • Core Courses (English, Math, Science, & Social Studies) & Spanish
      • Please refer to Edmodo
    • EMT Class
      • Continue to complete your assignments per the course outline that was provided by Ms. Catoe. Her email address is ccatoe6@gmail.com
    • MTC In-person Classes
    • Classes are cancelled. Please refer to D2L Brightspace to check for assignments
    • MTC Online Classes
      • Continue to complete your assignments per your course syllabus and/or instructor
    • Virtual School & Edgenuity Courses
      • Continue to complete your assignments per your course syllabus and/or instructor
      • Virtual School Website: virtualsc.org
      • Edgenuity: edgenuity.com
      • For Algebra II or Geometry tutoring, go to remind.com or email Ms. Egbuka.
        • Remind Class Code for Algebra 2 & Geometry: @jegbuka


    Office Hours

    • All faculty and staff members are available via email and/or Edmodo from 9:00AM-1:00PM


    Faculty and Staff Email Addresses

    • Brabham (Principal) – carla.brabham2@richlandone.org
    • Bryan (Guidance) – marcus.bryan2@richlandone.org
    • Burgess-Lindsey (English) – chenoa.burgess-lind2@richlandone.org
    • Dooley (Science) – norma.dooley2@richlandone.org
    • Egbuka (Algebra II/Geometry) - juliaiegbuka@student.midlandstech.edu
    • Lewis (Student Success Coordinator/EMT Class/Community Service) – wykeisha.lewis2@richlandone.org
    • Machuga (Social Studies) – Stephen.machuga2@richlandone.org
    • Middleton (IT Fundamentals) – darryl.middleton@richlandone.org
    • Niles (Attendance/Registrar/PowerSchool) – teresa.niles2@richlandone.org
    • Tchomgo (Pre-Cal/Prob & Stats) – fabien.tchomgo2@richlandone.org
    • Thomas (Spanish) – alicia.thomas2@richlandone.org
    • Truesdale-Cotton (Virtual School/Edgenuity) – alisha.truesdale-co2@richlandone.org
    • Tyler (IT Fundamentals) – taryn.mallette-tyler@richlandone.org



    While schools are closed, Richland One is providing "grab-and-go" breakfasts and lunches for students.  Starting March 30, families will reeceive a week's worth of meals on Mondays.  Richland One is working with community partners to provide home deliveries to parents who are unable to pick up meals for their children form one of the 10 sites.  Richland One parents are asked to complete an online form.  Parents can access the form directly at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/R1Meals or (in spanish) at https://es.surveymonkey.com/r/R1MealsSPANISH. Parents will receive a follow-up email after they complete the form.

    All children 18 and under are eligible to receive the free meals.  Parents can drive to any of the locations, remain in their vehicles and staff will distribute the meals curbside.  The pick-up hours will be 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. on Mondays


    Free breakfast and lunch are being provided to all students.  You may go to any of the following locations:


    Carver-Lyon Elementary School

    2100 Waverly Street

    Columbia, SC 29204


    Hyatt Park Elementary School

    4200 North Main Street

    Columbia, SC 29203


    Caughman Road Elementary School

    7725 Caughman Road

    Columbia, SC 29209


    South Kilbourne Elementary School

    1400 South Kilbourne Road

    Columbia, SC 29205


    Edward E. Taylor Elementary School

    200 McRae Street

    Columbia, SC 29203


    St. Andrews Middle School

    1231 Bluefield Drive

    Columbia, SC 29210


    Southeast Middle School

    731 Horrell Hill Road

    Hopkins, SC 29061


    Eau Claire High School

    4800 Monticello Road

    Columbia, SC 29203


    Lower Richland High School

    2615 Lower Richland Boulevard

    Hopkins, SC 29061


    Richland One Central Kitchen

    1224 Whitney Street

    Columbia, SC 29201


    Standardized Testing

    Per Richland County School District One, all standardized testing has been canceled.


    School Activities

    Information regarding the National Honor Society Induction, Prom, ACE Awards, Graduation, and etc. will be provided as we receive updates regarding the school’s reopening and calendar updates.


    For immediate assistance, please call 803-399-0226.