May 24 - Graduation

    May 25 - Graduation

    May 26 - Last Day of School



    Welcome to the EXCEL Academy                                    


    The team at The EXCEL Academy are thrilled to be among the many support services offered within the alternative network here at Richland School District One. Here at the EXCEL Academy we are firmly focused on assisting students regain their status for on-time graduation.  At the EXCEL Academy we will use a flexible, blended, technology-based curriculum that will challenge all of our students, making on-time graduation achievable.

    I believe in teaching the whole child and preparing them for life’s challenges both in and outside of the classroom.  My staff and I foster a caring, disciplined environment that focuses on character development and accountability to achieve this goal.  The team will work hard with your children. However, no successful school or program is possible without the commitment and buy in of you as a parent. We look forward to your full participation and cooperation in our program to help your child achieve their academic goals.

    As the leader of this esteemed program, I am pleased to serve you and your family.  I am committed to the development of your child and the success of the EXCEL Academy.  I welcome you to our program with open arms and high standards.  I encourage your feedback and partnership as we strive to make a difference in the communities they serve.  Thank you again for being the best part of Richland School District One.


    Professionally yours,

    Cedrick Richie