• Welcome to Rosewood Elementary School virtual library, where students are able to access a number educational resources to support their academic success.

  • The mission of Rosewood Elementary School library is to provide access to a diverse collection of books and resources in an inclusive environment for students to engage in reading and learning for academic growth and pleasure. 


    LJubica Arceneaux, Librarian



    Andrea Godby, Library Assistant



  • Online Catalogs

    Students in grades 3rd - 5th can access their Destiny Discover account by entering their username and password.  You can access the Richland Library using the library card number and a designated pin number.  If you need assistance logging into a Richland Library account please call 799.9084.


     Richland Library

  • Be Informed, Be Inspired!

    Take a moment to listen to Jacob and  six year old Olivia from Curious Kid Podcast answer questions about Coronavirus.  You can also listen to their other espisodes where they take on a new topic with the goal of providing an educational and entertaining experience for listeners of all ages. New episodes every Sunday!curious kid podcast

  • Kid Friendly Search Engine



Check out our very own Ryann Allison's Book Tube


    Research Resources

    DISCUS Kids

    South Carolina's Virtual Library is managed and administered by the South Carolina State Library.  A username and password is required.  Please contact a classroom teacher or librarian for current username and password.


    Word Central

    Kid friendly dictionary website.


    Everyday Mysteries

    Library of Congress science site.


    Today in History

    Library of Congress site that provides information on events that happened each day.




  • Rosewood Celebrates Computer Science Week (December 9th-13th)


    Fifth grade students at Rosewood celebrated Computer Science Week by learning basic coding with IT ology personnel to create a paper, rock, scissor game using Microbits.


    Students in 1st grade and 2nd grade were introduce to coding playing Kodable. 


    Students in 3rd and 4th grade were computer coders and robots as they coded their way through a maze.


    Students can continue to learn how to code by going to