Greetings parents, students, and community stakeholders.  The recent events have pushed us as a program, district, and country into unprecedented territory.  We at the EXCEL Academy are committed to served our students and communities as professionally, and compassionately as we can.  We understand that many families are under extreme stress and anxiety.  We are determined to do our part in insuring that our students will continue to have access to a quality educational experience.  Please read the data below and adhere to the information therein.


    • Please read the entire EXCEL Academy Coronavirus Crisis Plan under our "Forms" tab on this site to see how our students and families will be supported during this time.


    • The Information Technology (IT) Department will provide technical support to all staff, students, and parents of Richland School District 1 on eLearning Days. The IT Support Team can be reached by calling 803-231-7436. This number will be active Monday through Friday from the hours of 7 a.m. to 5 p.m..