• Richland One Administration

    Primary administrative offices are located in the:

    Stevenson Administration Building
    1616 Richland St.
    Columbia, SC 29201.

    The main telephone number is (803) 231-7000.


    Superintendent's Office 

    Stevenson Administration Building
    1616 Richland Street
    Columbia, South Carolina 29201
    Superintendent's Office: (803) 231-7500



    2016-2017 Superintendent's Cabinet

    v   Regina Thompson   s  
    Dr. Sherry Veasey
    Chief of Staff 
      Dr. Regina Thompson
    Chief of Teaching and Learning 
       Dr. Sanita Savage Cousar
    Chief Human Resources Officer
     c   m     c  
     Mr. Ed Carlon
    Chief Operations Officer
      Mrs. Sherri Mathews-Hazel
    Chief Financial Officer  
       Dr. Jennifer Coleman
    Executive Director of Accountability, Assessment, Research and Evaluation
     w   y     g  
    Ms. Susan Williams
    Legal Counsel
      Ms. Karen York
    Director of Communications
       Mr. Frankie Gray
    Executive Director of Schools 
     p   s      v
    Dr. MiUndrae Prince
    Executive Director of Schools
      Mrs. Jeannetta Scott
    Executive Director of Schools 
      Mrs. Marisa Vickers
    Executive Director of Schools
     a   m    
    Mrs. Brittney Alls, J.D.
      Bob Matz
    Athletic Director