Flocabulary Poetry Jam

It's Easy to Participate!

  • Think!

    • Select and research a topic for your poem, rap, or spoken word performance. This may be assigned by your teacher.


    • Use Flocabulary Lyric Lab and Flocabulary Beats to write your poem, rap, or spoken word composition. Use your favorite Flocabulary beat from the following link to set it off. https://www.flocabulary.com/warp/beats/


    • Record your completed poem, rap, or spoken word performance using Flipgrid (links to each entry page are in the menu to the left).
    • Just click "add response" after clicking on your grade level! Don't forget to click play on your favorite Flocabulary Beat (see above).
    • ***Before subbitting your video, please include the title of your poem/rap, your grade, and your teacher and school's name in the caption box (last step before submitting.)
      • ***Example: Solar System, 5th grade, Mrs Edwards, Awesome Elementary.


  • elemetnary submission page

    middle school submission page

    high school submission page