Identification Cards

    Dreher High School makes photographic identification cards for students and provides one card and one lanyard for each student. If the student loses, defaces, or destroys that card, the student must replace it by paying $5.00 in the media center to have a new card made.


    Students will use their IDs primarily as identification when on campus and while participating in school events. They will also be required to show their ID to check out media center materials, buy canteen food, enter school wide events such as a pep-rally, and receive student discounts for various activities and items.


    Students must wear their ID or an issued temporary ID at all times while on campus or while traveling to and from school on district buses.


    The ID must be clearly visible at all times by wearing it on a lanyard around their neck.


    If a staff member asks to see a student’s ID the student must show it immediately. Failure to do so may result in suspension.


    If a student comes to school without his/her ID, that student must get a temporary ID from the designated administrator or campus security monitor before classes begin.


    A student who repeatedly needs a temporary ID, who alters his/her ID in any way, or who fails to wear their ID in a clearly visible manner, will receive one of the following consequences.


    • First and second offenses: Warning and parent contact
    • Third: Referral, After School Detention, and parent contact
    • Fourth: Referral, In School Suspension, and parent conference
    • Fifth: Referral, In School Suspension, and parent conference
    • Sixth: Referral, Out of School Suspension and parent conference