Teachers R.E.S.E.T is a short-term, therapeutic program for students in grades K-5 that are experiencing behavioral issues that interfere with their ability to succeed academically and socially.

    The goal is to transition students back to their home school with a plan that will aid in decreasing suspensions, reducing the number of students being recommended to the hearing board, and improving their overall academics outcome.

    R.E.S.E.T uses a positive behavior model with clear and consistent expectations to create a safe learning environment where progress on social and academic goals will occur for all children.

  • College Explorer's Day

    R.E.S.E.T. had the pleasure of taking students  from Columbia High, Eau Claire High and the Richland One Evening High to spend the day at SC State University for College Explorers Day. Hosted by the 101 Black Men Society at the SC State the students had the opportunity to be paired with one of the 101 Black Men. They  spent the day attending classes as well as learning about college life.  The students had the opportunity to meet legendary SC State Football Coach Buddy Pough as well as Hamilton Grant, SC State Board of Trustees (pictured below with all our students and the 101 Black Men)\  What a Great Day!!! 


    Jordon Puch from Columbia High School was offered a $10,000 scholarship each year for four years from the Call Me Mister Program. Jordan is a senior who is interested in teaching middle school.  The young men really had a great day and the experience provided excellent exposure to all, many whom have never been on a college campus. Many of the young man indicated that they believe that they can attend college after participating in this experience.  Also we had the opportunity to see many former R1 students including Ms. Julie Sainyl, a Columbia High graduate who was just elected to president of the S. C. State Student Government Association.


    Thanks to the 101 Black Men Society and their wonderful leader Dr. Rashad Anderson, Assistant Professor of Teacher Education and Campus Director of the Call Me Mister Program for making the day a great day for our young men.  Thanks to chaperons:


    ·       Ed Chambers, English Teacher – Columbia High

    ·       Coretta McGill, Coordinator of Alternative Education

    ·       Anthony Wilson, Resource Officer


    We look forward to more joint projects with S. C. State University.