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    David L. Jackson, Volunteer Coordinator




    volunteerlogo  A volunteer is any person who, of his or her own free will, provides goods and services to the school without financial gain.

    There are two broad reasons for using volunteers in Richland County School District One. The first is that their use makes it possible for schools to provide students enriched or additional learning experiences through the special skills and interests of parents and other adults in the community. The second is that the volunteers, in many instances, relieve teachers of certain routine duties and allow them to devote more time to instruction.

    The daily operations of Richland One schools are enriched by the time and dedication of thousands of volunteers. Parents, grandparents, retirees, military personnel, business professionals, college students and other community members are an integral part of our district's success.



    Be the Spark

    Recent research from the Search Institute has expanded our understanding of how youth thrive. In addition to caring relationships, young people reach a higher level of success when they have three champions in their lives who challenge their growth and expand their possibilities. Key components of positive youth development are relationships that help youth identify the passions in their lives that express the essence of who they are and what they offer the world.


    Importance of Sparks

    Students who know and ignite their interests and passions, and have supportive adults in their lives have:

    · Higher grades

    · Improved attendance and physical health

    · Empathy and social confidence

    · Concern for the environment

    · A desire to help others and a sense of purpose


    We need you to volunteer and be the Spark in a student’s life!




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