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    CA Johnson High School
    2219 Barhamville Rd.
    Columbia, SC 29204
    Mailcode: 722

    Frank Decker, Interim Manager 

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  • Please make sure you submit an online request form if you need any equipment or assistance for your event/production. All request forms can be found in the Online Service Request Forms tab in the lefthand column.

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  • Theatre Services is a division of Facility Services responsible for the care and use of Richland One's theatres, theatre equipment, and audio systems. Comprised of a technical team of highly trained individuals, Theatre Services supports Richland One programs and events by providing technical assistance and equipment in the areas of audio, lighting, scenery, and rigging, as well as coordinating production logistics for events of all types.

    Theatre Services strives to provide students with a high quality production experience and opportunities to learn new skills both on and off the stage.



    • General setup and maintenance of equipment
    • Troubleshooting problems with equipment
    • Consulting on technical concerns and planning for productions and events
    • Design services: lighting & sound; set construction
    • Equipment operation during a production: lighting and sound consoles; counterweight systems
    • Setup of portable audio (PA) systems and microphones
    • Rigging for backdrops, scenery, and other flown items (where counterweight systems are installed)
    • Scenic construction (please refer to our time requirements and other conditions)
    • Student and teacher training on proper use of theatrical equipment
    • Consulting on the installation of new equipment and renovation of theatre facilities
    • Assistance with installed or provided projection equipment*

     * Please note while Theatre Services can assist in setup of projection equipment, we do not provide portable projectors, projection screens, or laptops. Please contact your media specialist for these items.


    To request services for an event, production, or program, please fill out one of our online service request forms (found on a tab in the left column of this page). For other services, such as troubleshooting equipment malfunctions, repairing equipment, consulting on new equipment, or student training, please email Frank Decker at Frank.decker@richlandone.org.

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