• teachinglearning_mainpic Teaching and Learning

    Waverley Administration Annex
    1225 Oak St, Columbia, SC 29204
    Phone: 803-231-6704
    Fax: 803-231-6886

    Mrs. Sandra Brossard
    Chief of Teaching and Learning

    The Department of Teaching and Learning is responsible for the coordination and supervision of multiple departments, including the Division of Curriculum and Instruction, Exceptional Education, Professional Development and Student Support. The main objective of the department is to promote and oversee the overall efficiency of teaching and learning for the Richland One School District.

    One of the main roles of the Chief of Teaching and Learning is to supervise, evaluate, monitor and provide leadership in assessing, identifying, and ensuring the implementation of all district academic initiatives for student learning in all academic areas. The main responsibility is to oversee the daily operation of all academic activities, meetings, and/or events, in addition to maintaining curriculum training resources materials and equipment; providing input and recommendations regarding curriculum planning and professional development, while facilitating the review and selection of textbooks, providing input/insight on ways to improve teachers’ instructional techniques and overseeing departments’ academic goals in alignment with students’ academic success.