telephone Communications Between School and Home


    There are a variety of vehicles the school and the district use to communicate with students and their families.


    -The main phone line into Dreher is 253-7000.  


    -Individual classroom information is available on Edmodo. 


    -Grades and attendance are accessible on PowerSchool Parent Portal, both online and on the Richland One mobile app. 


     -The Richland One Mobile App (especially valuable for emergency alerts) can be download from the App Store or Google play.  On the Mobile App you can request immediate notifications of absences and grade postings.    


    -The email address of each teacher, counselor and administrator is on the Faculty and Staff Listing on the Dreher website.  Email is usually the preferred method of reaching a teacher.


     -The administration uses an automated telephone system to advise parents when their child is absent from school. 


     -The school and the district also use automated telephone messaging systems to communicate important information.  Dreher also may send emails or text messages with school-wide information.


     -Dreher maintains a website (dreher.richlandone.org) and accounts on Twitter (twitter.com/dreherhigh) and Facebook (facebook.com/dreherhighschool).


     -The District maintains a website (www.richlandone.org), a Cable TV channel (ROTV-Spectrum cable channel 1303), and an information phone line (231-7512) as well as accounts on Facebook (facebook.com/richlandone), Twitter (twitter.com/richlandone), and Instagram (www.instagram.com/richland.one).