• fball Football conditioning will start Monday, August 31.

    Conditioning is scheduled to begin on August 31st from 4-6pm. 

    Students MUST satisfy the following to attend:


    ·         have all documentation uploaded to planeths.com

    ·         bring $20 for district athletic insurance

    - Must wear a mask at all times

    ·         bring your OWN labeled water bottle (a refillable gallon jug is suggested, school will provide refills)

    ·         prompt transportation to and from school

    You are not allowed to attend the 1st practice without
    all documents needed on PlanetHS including:

    a. Click the "STEP ONE: Register w/ PlanetHS" button to complete the Pre-Participation Forms.

    b. Under “Sports Interest” select all sports you are interested in playing.

    c. Both Parent and Student are required to complete and sign forms.

    d. Parents must upload a copy of each child’s birth certificate either by scanning or photograph (this will remain throughout the athlete’s eligibility years).

    e. Parents must also upload a copy of the physician’s portion of the physical.

    f. ALL forms (the history form, parent permission inherent risk, concussion, parent acknowledgement heat risk, sport health form, and physical form signed by the doctor) must be completed and uploaded before an athlete can participate.

    Athletes must also bring $20 insurance money the 1st day of conditioning. 

    Please go ahead and prepare these things for the 1st day of conditioning.

    More information to come on dates and times for practices. 

    +++++++++++++++++++Summer information+++++++++++++++++++
    Students and Parents, 
    We hope this message finds you healthy and whole, remaining diligent to protect yourself and those around you. We are actively planning with the expectation for an opportunity to compete in the 2020-2021 season. With that being said, we are still awaiting clearance to begin offseason voluntary workouts. Although we still cannot convene on campus, there are things you should be doing to prepare:
    1. Please refer to the Hand website for up to date news on future plans and information
    1. Physicals are essential for participation in ANY district sport.  Documentation from a physician must be uploaded to planeths.com—-PAPER COPIES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.  No athlete can participate until all forms are completed.  
    2. Please refer to our “Healthy Hornets Workout Plan” to help build a fitness foundation in preparation for tryouts. The workout plan can be used by any student, whether you plan to play sports or not. 
    See you soon,
    Coach Davis