Learning Environment and Instrucational Resources

Learning Environments and Instructional Resources

  • Waverley Administration Building
    1225 Oak Street, Columbia, SC 29204
    Phone:  (803) 231-6799
    Fax:  (803) 881-7582

    Dr. Erica Fields
    Director of Learning Environments and Instructional Resources

  • The Office of Learning Environments and Instructional Resources (LEIR) serves in a variety of capacities to provide support to schools and departments within the district.  The goals and responsibilities of LEIR include,  1) assisting and advising school administrators and teachers in the redesign of stimulating learning spaces and organic spatial arrangements to better utilize technology and promote collaboration inside and outside of school buildings to support learning;  2) supporting Library Media Specialists district-wide in the redesign of library media centers as spaces for collaboration, innovation, production and learning; 3) supporting the development, implementation and management of Richland School District One’s Virtual Program;  4) facilitating district-level vetting of instructional resources that support teaching and learning to include textbook adoptions; and 5) oversight of the Title IV Grant, Part A --Student Support & Academic Enrichment.    

    We are extremely excited about the Richland One Virtual Program that provides an alternative educational environment for students in grades K-12.  The program was launched on October 2, 2017 as an alternative program for students in grades 9-12 and was a huge success, but it has been expanded to include students in grades K-5.  The program is currently housed at the Waverley Administration Building on the first floor. The structures for the Virtual School Program in Richland One are being revamped.  

    You are encouraged to follow Dr. Fields on Twitter (@EricaFieldsR1) as she highlights stimulating and collaborative learning spaces in our district, locally and globally. (#Learning EnvironmentsR1)  If your school has classrooms or media centers that are redesigned to serve as exemplars for collaborative/flexible learning, please send photos to Dr. Fields at erica.fields@richlandone.org.