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    The primary role of the school social worker is to assist the educational outcome of students by providing services that promote school and lifelong success.  The school social worker does this by assisting the student and families with any barriers that are preventing student achievement. The school social worker is a strong advocate for the child and collaborates with students, parents, school staff, and the community to identify and address significant concerns.


    The school social worker provides appropriate interventions and services that help children and families that are at risk for educational failure. School social workers respect the individual differences of children and families and work to develop plans to address the needs of students.  Since family involvement is essential in the lives of students, school social workers serve as a liaison between home, school and community to maximize the success of all students
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    Specific responsibilities of the school social worker include:

    • Working with student attendance  and serving as an advocate in court
    • Case managing   students  to monitor their progress
    • Providing individual and group counseling interventions to students in order to address issues that interfere with academic success (i.e. Problem Solving Skills, Anger Management, Refusal Skills, and Positive Peer Relations etc.)
    • Providing assistance to students and families in crisis
    • Developing contracts with students to address behavior issues
    • Referring and assisting students, families and school staff with accessing resources (i.e. food, mental health counseling, utility assistance, tutoring, etc.)
    • Assisting students with alternatives and resources to prevent students from dropping out of school
    • Consulting with school staff and community service providers
    • Serving on Student Intervention Team Meetings, Individual Education Plan  (IEP) Meetings, and other student meetings
    • Providing home visits
    • Creating a positive and safe school environment by providing parent and student workshops, articles for newsletters, working with PBIS, RTI, and special events that support youth and families.

     Anyone can make a school social work referral.

    Students may be referred for many problems and concerns that could interfere with a student’s academic or social achievement. A student may refer himself or herself for social work services or a student may be referred by a parent, legal guardian, school personnel or others familiar with the student.

    Specialized School Social Work Services

     · Preschool Special Education

    Pre-school Social Worker’s role:  To provide services to children and families receiving services under the Special Education Preschool Program.  The Preschool Program Children around the world uses Child Find to identify, screen, evaluate and place children who may be eligible for special education and related services. This program serves children ages 3-5 who may have delays which include (but are not limited to): cognitive, communication, self-help, motor, and social/emotional.

    · Title I Social Worker

    Title I Social Worker’s Role:  To provide services in Title I schools to students and families to address any presenting problems/issues affecting the student.  The Title I social worker      Children around the world 2 goal is to assist students to maximize their academic and social development and functioning in schools.   Richland One’s Title I Program supplements the district’s instructional program including social work services for students attending Title I schools.