• Brockman Bears

    Brockman Elementary School

    2245 Montclair Drive

    Columbia, SC 29206


    Brockman Elementary School in Columbia, South Carolina, serves as a leader in public Montessori education.  It is the first and only full Montessori school in the Richland One School District.  Children are taught in a hands-on, individualized learning program focused on the Montessori philosophy.  Brockman Elementary benefits from the resources that both a metropolitan and municipality can provide.  Forest Acres embraces an inclusive mindset.  It's support is evident through partnerships and involvement by parents and community members.  

    Brockman Elementary was built in 1960 and served children with special needs.  The school was closed in 1998, but was renovated, reorganized and opened again in 2000, as a school of choice.  From it's beginning, there has been a strong demand for enrollment.  As a result, a lottery process is used to select students for enrollment.  The need for growth and expansion to meet the demand is both a challenge and an opportunity.

    Today, Brockman serves 320 children in fifteen multi-age classrooms.  Primary classrooms serve children ages three, four and five.  Lower elementary classrooms serve children in grades one, two and three.  Upper elementary classrooms serve children in fourth and fifth grades.  In addition to regular instruction, children attending Brockman can receive specialized services, such as special education support, advanced academic programming for gifted support and English language learning instruction.

    Brockman staff are a great strength.  The professional staff includes 28 certified staff.  In addition to state certification, all teachers have an additional Montessori certification.  15 teachers have also achieved national board certification.  The staff includes 25 classified staff members to support education.  The Brockman staff works collaboratively with strong parent organizations.  The school has an active Parent Teacher Organization (PTO).  Additionally, arts education is supported with a Fine Arts Booster (FAB) organization.  The  FAB is a fund-raising organization that supports after school enrichment opportunities and the goals of the Arts Steering Committee.  In August 2018, Brockman Elementary was awarded an Arts in the Basic Curriculum grant to nurture an arts immersed educational environment where children can explore, discover, create and learn through active engagement in the arts.

    The Brockman Elementary staff  is intentionally guided by the philosophy of Maria Montessori.  The mission of Brockman Elementary is central to the work and is defined as follows:

    • to establish and maintain a child-centered environment that allows the
      freedom to explore, cooperate and become; 
    • to encourage the growth of the "whole child” - body, mind and spirit;
    • to provide our children with the learning tools to evolve into
      self-motivated, self-reliant, responsible and caring individuals;
    • to celebrate and appreciate each person's uniqueness;
    • to improve the quality of life for our children by working hand in hand with
      each other; and
    • to provide an academic environment that promotes excellence and the
      desire to achieve.

    Brockman Elementary was designated as a Blue Ribbon School of Excellence in 2017. Ranked as a top academically performing school in the state, Brockman staff carefully track individual student growth and progress. Foundational is the integration of learning through the social sciences. Students explore interests while being exposed to learning that is age/level appropriate. The depth/breadth of the curriculum goes beyond state standards and builds in support and interventions as well as extensions for the gifted/talented. Student progress is continually monitored through a Response to Intervention (RtI)/Professional Learning Communities (PLC) weekly process, where teachers and leaders focus on students not progressing (RtI), students excelling (needs of the gifted), and teacher development/needs.  Subsequently, Brockman Elementary students demonstrate strong achievement.  The percentage of students who met or exceed state standards consistently exceeds the state average.  The school report card can be accessed at this link on the South Carolina Department of Education website.  

    Brockman Elementary has been recognized by the Alliance for a Healthier Generation.  In 2015/16  Brockman was selected as a Gold Level school, one of fourteen schools identified nationally. Students, staff and families embrace the brain/body connection that research highlights necessary for whole child growth. Brockman is also recognized by the S.C. DHEC as an Open Use School and is an awardee of the national Let’s Move/Active Schools Campaign. Socially and emotionally, the school culture reminds students of their role in the world through a focus on self-responsibility and responsibility toward others. Through a peace education curriculum, school-wide events, character education program and discipline model, students are taught conflict resolution skills, self-control, and responsibility. As a result, Brockman has minimal lost instructional time for behavior and no lost time due to suspensions, leading to higher levels of student engagement.