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  • Unlock Your Child’s Potential

  • Your child deserves the highest quality education possible. That’s why Richland One Virtual School Program has partnered with Pearson, a leading education company that has provided virtual instruction to students worldwide for more than a decade.

    Together, we provide a flexible, personalized experience that engages students and improves learning outcomes for your child. We link teachers, hundreds of courses and classmates using a powerful, online education platform to tailor learning to each student's needs, talents, interests, and learning style. It's a different approach to learning, and an excellent alternative for homeschooling, for families looking for a different kind of education.

    • Why Choose Richland One Virtual School Program?
    • We empower learning anytime, anywhere
    • Curriculum that engages students with videos, LiveLessons and multimedia instructional tools
    • Personalized instruction provided by certified teachers online
    • Individual attention and extra help when your student needs it
    • Opportunities for socialization, community and friendships
    • A connection to the community and diploma from Richland One

    Whether your child needs a non-traditional education, the freedom to pursue other interests, or a second chance to receive a high school diploma, our school can provide the flexibility needed to achieve his or her goals.

    Families who reside in the Richland County School District One attendance boundary may apply!

    Please call 803-231-6934 to learn more or start the enrollment process.

    Richland One Virtual School Program 1225 Oak Street, Waverley Administration Center Columbia, SC 29204 803-231-6934


    The Virtual School Program will offer all the courses a student would take at a physical or traditional high school, with these advantages:

    • A more flexible school schedule for students, especially helpful for those with athletic, artistic, work or family responsibilities

    • The freedom and flexibility of no set class schedule while taking classes when and where they want

    • More individual attention and a more personalized education

    • More input from parents in managing/shaping their child’s education

    • Quicker completion of more courses for students who learn at a faster pace

    • Virtual students will be able to pursue their interests in extracurricular activities such as band, chorus, ROTC and other after-school activities, if they choose.



    The program works on a two-pronged approach. Students will work independently on online lessons, projects and assignments at a time and place that’s best for them. During the week, they’ll schedule time at a homework center to meet with certified teachers who will review their progress, discuss their work and provide assistance.



    The Virtual School Program will allow students to meet their family, personal and work obligations during regular school hours while continuing their high school education, and ultimately receive their diploma. Any student in grades 9-12 in Richland One and outside of the district is eligible to apply.

    This program offers a great opportunity for a variety of students, including home schoolers, teen parents, and the academically gifted student, as well as aspiring professional dancers, artists or athletes who must train/practice during the day. Students who work after school or during the day, as well as those working in family businesses, would be ideal candidates.


    Parents who would like additional information should contact Audrey Harris at (803) 231-6934 or audrey.harris@richlandone.org.  Fax: 803-231-6829.




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