• Richland One Brand Toolbox

    R1 LOGO Effective August 15, 2017, old logos of Richland One will be retired, and the new brand will be instated. In this time of transition, please continue to use current stationery, business cards and promotional items with the current district logo until they are depleted. Items ordered for the Spring 2018 semester and beyond should carry the new district logo and follow the brand style guidelines communicated in the document below.  

    We will be in contact with respective department heads about updating/replacing building signage, vehicle signage, uniforms and other non-consumable items that carry the current district logo. Please use the new family of logos below for all new collateral moving forward.



    In an effort to create consistency district-wide, schools and departments should contact the Office of Communications to review and approve advertising content and design in advance. This includes, but is not limited to, advertising in newspapers, magazines, and other print publications; online advertising; billboard and other outdoor advertising; and radio and TV ads. 

    If you have any questions or need additional information about anything related to the rebranding initiative, please do not hesitate to contact Marketing Coordinator Kiosha Boyles at Kiosha.Boyles@richlandone.org or 803-231-7511.



    Communications — whether tweeted, printed or uploaded — must be consistent, professional and immediately recognizable as Richland One. Learn about the style guidelines and standards for district communications in the Brand Guide below.

    Click here to download a PDF file of the Brand Guide!