• December 2021


    Dear Parent/Guardian(s),

    Each day, you trust us to watch over your children, educate them, and ensure that they are safe.  We do not take this responsibility lightly.  Caughman Road Elementary School (CRES) has been vigilant that safety plans are in place so that we are as prepared as possible to protect students in the event of an unforeseen crisis situation.  Our school has comprehensive safety protocols in place.  The district crisis team and emergency response agencies are prepared to respond to situations that arise.

    As the parent/guardian(s) of our students, your preparation and cooperation is necessary in any emergency.  In the event of a major disaster during school hours, students will remain in the care of CRES staff for their safety until emergency responders have assessed that it is safe for students to be released to parents/guardians.  During a serious crisis, you can assist in the following ways:


    1. Please do not telephone the school.  Telephone lines may be needed for emergency communication.

    2. Students will be released only to parents and responsible persons identified on the emergency card with a picture ID card for verification. The emergency card information is required to be filled out by all parent/guardian(s) at the beginning of every school year and updated whenever there are changes.

    3. It is very important that you notify us whenever your contact information changes to update the system.

    4. Some situations make it necessary to lock-down the campus, deny parents access to the school for critical safety reasons, and possibly restrict traffic to allow for safe entry of emergency vehicles. In the event that this occurs, a call from Richland County School District One will be made by the SchoolMessenger system to notify parents.


    In case of a “hazardous release event” (chemical spill) near the school area, “shelter-in-place” procedures will be implemented to provide in-place protection until notified by the fire department to evacuate.  All students and staff will clear the fields, report to their rooms or another designated onsite location.  All efforts will be made to prevent outside air from entering classrooms during the emergency.


    We ask all CRES stakeholders, including faculty and staff members, to identify concerns before they become crisis situations.  Please discuss these matters with your immediate family.  Impress upon your student(s) the need for them to follow the direction of school personnel in times of an emergency.  Working together and planning ahead, we can continue to ensure that our schools remain a safe and nurturing environment for all.



    The CRES Administration