• Welcome to C.A. Johnson Foreign Language Program   

    It is the mission of C.A. Johnson High School Foreign Language Program to cultivate students' understanding and appreciatation of other cultures as well as their own and empower them to communicate and participate successfully as informed citizens in a global society.


     Foreign Language learning new ideas and perspectives from guest speakers.

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  • World language students at C. A. Johnson High School participate in a cross-cultural understanding session

    On Monday, April 17th, 60 currently enrolled French and Spanish students received the visit of Mrs. Julie, Medlin, Internationalization Programming Coordinator at USC. During the informative session, our students were presented diverse aspects of how we perceive the cultures of the countries in today’s world. The presentation was dedicated to raise the students’ cultural awareness, as part of our curriculum objectives, in order to provide them with more in - depth knowledge on how they can increase their intercultural skills.


    According to the South Carolina Standard for World Language Proficiency, the intercultural competencies view the investigation of cultures’ products and services, the understanding of their perspectives and the ability to interact with other cultures. Under this objective, the students were informed on the notion of culture, the visible and invisible of cultures, the multiple factors that guide us in comprehending how other cultures think and act, types of cultures, and advices on how to be a learner of another culture.


    Throughout the session, the students were engaged in a cross-cultural greeting activity, discussion groups, reflective activities on cultural differences and similarities, and a trivia game with applied questions to cultural diversity. We have also learned about the cultural student diversity at USC today and received a brochure with more information on programs offered by USC.


    The World language teachers and students at C. A. Johnson High School would like to thank Mrs. Medlin for offering us a detailed, engaging and motivated session on cross-cultural understanding that would help us in our future lessons and careers as students prepare for college and workforce, becoming better equipped to interact with cultural competence and understanding.




    USC’s “Thinking Globally” ambassadors visit C. A. Johnson High School

    On February, 8th, 2017, C.A. Johnson Spanish classes received a visit from two USC speakers under “Thinking Globally”, a program facilitated by the International Student Services office at University of South Carolina. As stated by Justin, Mellish, coordinator, the program is designed to encourage a deeper cultural understanding and enhance intercultural competence.


    During the visit, the two USC students introduced themselves as ambassadors of their respective countries and cultures, and shared information about their countries, their experience as foreign students in United States and the benefit of being bilingual.  Singapore and Russia were presented to the Spanish students, helping them become more knowledgeable about differences and similarities regarding the language, population, geography, history, housing, food, art, music, law system, educational system, and other interesting facts. The presentations were followed by questions of interest in an engaging dialogue.


    In the conclusion of the visit, we were able to learn more about the programs and activities available at USC through the International Student Services office, including opportunities to study in a different country in an academic exchange program while attending USC.