• The Seal of Biliteracy testing window starts on February 24th until April 1st.


    The Seal of Biliteracy is an award that can be made by a state department of education or school district to recognize students who have attained a certain level of proficiency in both English and at least one additional world language by graduation. It may take the form of a seal on the diploma or a separate certificate, and the Seal of Biliteracy award may include a notation that appears on the transcript of the graduating senior. Currently, in addition to the state of South Carolina, 35 states and Washington D.C. have approved Seals of Biliteracy. In other states, Seals of Biliteracy are under active consideration by state departments of education.

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Seal of Biliteracy Window Opens 2020 - Testing Window February 24th - April 1st.

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  • Richland One's World language program reflects the National Foreign Language Standards and the South Carolina Foreign Language Academic Achievement Standards.

    All students have the opportunity to study at least one foreign language starting in the first grade. Chinese, French, German, Latin and Spanish are taught in grades 6 and above.

    The SC Standard for Language Proficiency is a description of the competencies a state world language learner should demonstrate at three of five proficiency by ACTFL.


    The curriculum is aligned with the National Foreign Language Standards, The South Carolina Foreign Language Academic Achievement Standards and the expectations in SC.

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    Two main approaches to foreign language instruction used in Richland One are "The Natural Approach" and The Total Physical Response. Students are encouraged to learn a language.

    Second Language teachers at Richland One have developped some interactive and motavating activities to make the learning proccess more dynamic and effective.

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