Profile of the SC Graduate

Tips for High School Success

  • Attendance: This is your number one priority.  Get to class on time every day and attend every class.  If you miss more than ten days, you will have to make up this time during Saturday school.

    Classes:  Do not skip any of your classes.  You must accumulate enough credits in a specific sequences to graduate on time.  Brings in absence notes to the attendance clerk.

    Home work:  Complete all assignments on time.  This could mean a difference in passing or failing a class.

    Study:  Do this a little every day.  Review your notes for each class fifteen minutes each day.

    Participation & Questions: Participate in class.  Teachers factor in class participation when giving you a class grade.  Ask questions if you don’t understand.

    Tutoring:  Attend tutoring if you are failing a class or if you don’t understand the material that is being taught.

    Organization:  Stay organized and on top of your assignments. Utilize the planner that has been provided to you in order to stay organized. 

    Poor Academic Progress, Truancy and Peer Pressure: Do not give in to peer pressure.  If your friends are missing classes DO NOT FOLLOW! Think about the consequences of your actions.

    Respect:  Be respectful to all teachers and staff. Please think before you speak.

    College/Career/Internships:  Plan ahead for college, the ACT and SAT.  Complete practice tests for the ACT and SAT.  Take advantage of all internships that are being offered in order to gain work experience.

    Transcripts:  Review your transcript yearly in order to ensure that you have all the classes needed in order to get promoted and to graduate.


  • Angela Cooper, Graduation Coach