• communityinvolvement_mainpic Community Involvement

    Imagine a school where young people love to come.


    All residents of the community-parents, grandparents, retirees, professionals, merchants and average citizens - join together to help provide the exciting, creative, supportive environment that students look forward to. Being a student at his or her school is so meaningful, challenging, and motivating that students want to come to school every day - and teachers and administrators do too!


    The goal of community involvement is to enrich and enhance the learning environment through building a strong, on-going support base for each school by capitalizing on community resources and working with already existing support groups.



    View and print the 2016-2017 Volunteer Application Form! (Word) (PDF




    Dropout Prevention Coordinator: Mr. Kerry Abel - kerryabel@richlandone.org or 790-6763

    Volunteer and Mentoring Programs Coordinator: Vacant