Parent Phone Blast October 12, 2020

First, a reminder to those who signed up to take the PSAT.  The PSAT will be given this Wednesday, October 14th.  Please go to the website to see drop off and pick up information, what students should bring with them, as well as a testing schedule for the PSAT.  Students will need a non-school email that the College Board will use as contact information. More information here.

We are excited that we are now able to make our virtual Open House available to you.  Simply go to the Crayton Home Page and click on the Open House link.  The link will take you to our You Tube Channel where you can search for a teacher or find your teacher in the list provided. 

We have also put an SIC nomination form on the Crayton home page.  If you would like to nominate yourself or someone you know to be a member of the School Improvement Council, please fill out the form on our homepage and send it to me at

Per Dr. Witherspoon, the District Superintendent, if you are in virtual school or eLearning and have made the decision to return to face to face Hybrid instruction, you must Opt-In to be allowed to come to school.  The Opt-In form is located here and on the district website.  If you recall your hybrid days were already assigned when you received your schedule at the beginning of the year.  Students who have Amanda Arflin for lunch are scheduled for A days which meet Monday and Tuesdays.  Students who have Brian Blease for lunch are scheduled for B days which meet Thursday and Friday.  Please refer to your schedule for your hybrid day.  If you chose to be year-long virtual this summer but would now like to Opt-In to hybrid, please fill out this form: Virtual Withdrawal

As we begin preparing for hybrid we need to know immediately if you require bus transportation to and from school during your hybrid days.  If you would like to request bus transportation, please fill out this link: Bus Request

Much information will be sent out by the district and the school in the coming days.  If you need an update or questions answered, please see our webpage, give us a call, or email us and we will be happy to assist you.

Please know that we are excited about seeing our students soon!  Have a great week