Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Return to Face-to-Face Instruction

  • Why were we given only a few days to make decisions about whether we keep our children in eLearning or have them return to school for face-to-face instruction?

  • I am not comfortable sending my child back for face-to-face instruction now and informed the principal of this decision. If the COVID-19 rates continue to decline and I change my mind, will I have an option to send my child for face-to-face instruction later?

  • I understand the COVID-19 incidence and positivity rates have declined. What will happen, however, if there is an outbreak in my child’s classroom or school?

  • Can I send my child to school only on the days I feel comfortable sending my child to school and keep my child at home on the other days?

  • Can social distancing of six feet (6’) be accommodated in all classrooms and other parts of the school building?

  • Even though I am hopeful that school can be more "normal" for everyone next year, virtual instruction now feels very "normal" for my child, and I would like to have the opportunity for him to be able to continue in this mode. Will virtual learning be an option for students next year?