• Don’t Go Into the Library (courtesy of Media Specialist, Laura Havekamp)

    Alberto Ríos - 1952-
    The library is dangerous—

    Don’t go in. If you do

    You know what will happen.
    It’s like a pet store or a bakery—

    Every single time you’ll come out of there
    Holding something in your arms.

    Those novels with their big eyes.
    And those no-nonsense, all muscle

    Greyhounds and Dobermans,
    All non-fiction and business,

    Cuddly when they’re young,
    But then the first page is turned.

    The doughnut scent of it all, knowledge,
    The aroma of coffee being made

    In all those books, something for everyone,
    The deli offerings of civilization itself.

    The library is the book of books,
    Its concrete and wood and glass covers

    Keeping within them the very big,
    Very long story of everything.

    The library is dangerous, full
    Of answers. If you go inside,

    You may not come out
    The same person who went in.